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Pneumatics Training System


Pneumatic training device is at the request of modern pneumatic
professional teaching experiment, according to ''''the hydraulic and pneumatic
transmission '''', ''''the Pneumatic control technology'''', etc., general teaching material
contents design. The system in Addition.
-Meet the base and teaching training system of need of practical applications
-Equipment structure is firm and has good stability
-Low noise operation
-layout clear and intriguing design
-The four truckle with crack slot in order to move and install on the work table. -Panel
grooves intervals are 25 mm, can easily move all kinds of components insert on it.
-Various pneumatic components into separate module which is equipped with bottom
panel of elastic pins, when training they can build all kinds of pneumatic circuits on
general aluminum, fast loading and unloading, flexible layout, clear pneumatic circuit
-Electrical control units used for independent relay control unit and multi-button unit
control electrical, simple and clear!
-High safety: have over-current protection, the power supply will cut off as earth
leakage exceed 30mA; the electrical control use DC 24v power supply, with over
current protection, can prevent damage to the equipment caused by improper operation
system nominal pressure is 0.6MPa.Pneumatic basic control circuit experiment:Single acting cylinder automatic control,
-Double acting cylinder automatic control,
-PLC control technical application
-Relay control technical application
-Other comprehensiveness, expansibility experiment
type pneumatic circuit.Pneumatic basic experiment circuits illustrate:
-Single acting cylinder reversing circuit,
-Double acting cylinder reversing circuit,
-Single acting cylinder speed control circuit,
-Double acting cylinder one-way speed regulation circuit,
-Double acting cylinder both-way speed regulation circuit,
-Speed changing-over -circuit,
-Buffering circuit,
-Twice pressure control circuit,
-High and low voltage convert circuit,
-Delay circuit,
-Overload protection circuit,
-Interlocking circuit,
-Single cylinder single reciprocating control circuit,
-Single cylinder continuous reciprocating action circuit,
-Multi cylinder sequence action circuit
-Double-cylinder synchronization action circuit,
-Unloading circuit,
-Or gate type valve shuttle application circuit,
-And gate application circuit of double press valve,
-Rapid exhaust valve application circuit,
-Magnetic induction type proximity switch application;Sensor application in control system;
-Relay control circuit
-DC power: input, AC220V, 50Hz/60 Hz Output: DC 24V/3A
-Air compressor (basic equipment minimal machine): power: AC
220V±10% 50Hz/60Hz motor power: 600W
-Nominal volume: 9L normal output voltage 0.7 MPa, noise degree: 66dB
-Groove interval: 25mm
-Table top structure: 1
-With crack slot truckle: 4
-Relay module:
coil voltage: DC 24V;
contactor type: circuit common-NO-NC
Contact capacity: AC 240V/10A/DC24V/10A
-Button module: Signal lamp power supply :DC 24V
Contact capacity: AC220V/1A DC24V/2A Mechanical electrical life: 1 million times
-Workbench experiment table Dimension (Minimum)1360
(length) x650 (width) x1650 (height Aluminum panel dimension:1200×600Manifold Block Working pressure: 0.5MPa Max pressure: 0.8MPa input: 46 output:
44; one-way
-Double-acting cylinder Cylinderdiameter: 20mmstroke: 100mmworking pressure
range: 0.1~1MPaa
-Single-acting cylinder: diameter: 20mm
-stroke: 100mm
working pressure
range: 0.1~1MPa
-5/3 solenoid directional valve central vented: DC power: DC24V
Working pressure
range: 0.15~0.8MPa
Drive way: electric control
-5/2 single solenoid shuttle valve: voltage: DC24V Working pressure
Drive way: electric control
- 5/2 double solenoid shuttle valve: 02 Nos3/2 single solenoid shuttle valve NC:01 Nos
-3/2 single solenoid shuttle valve NO: 01 Nos
-5/2 handle shuttle valve Mushroom button valves:01 No
-5/2 handle shuttle valve: 01 No
-5/3 handle shuttle valve: 01 No
-Single pneumatic control 3/2: 01 No
-Double pneumatic control 3/2 : 01 No
-Double pneumatic control 5/2:02 Nos Dyad:01 No
(Pressure regulator: 0.15~0.9MPa)
-Reducing valve: 02 nos
-One-way valve: 02 nos
-Pressure gauge: 02 nos
-One-way throttle valve:02 nos3/2 knob valve:01 no
-3/2 Stroke valve:02 nos
-Time delay valve:02 nos
-Sequence valve:01 no
-''''And'''' gate-type dual pressure:02 nos
-''''Or'''' gate-type shuttle valve:02 nos
-Quick escape valve:01 no
-Micro switch valve (left trigger) :02 nos
-Photoelectric Sensor:01 no
-DC power supply unit: 01 No
-Hose 4:100ft
-4 T Valve:03 Nos
-Three connection:03 Nos
-APG reducing straight coupling:03 Nos
-Air Compressor-01 no
-Connecting jack 2mm & 4mm : 01 Set
-Power Cable: 01 no-PLC to PC Communication cable: 01 Sets
-Simulation software for compatible PLC
-English Manual & CD: 01 Set.
Installation, Commissioning and provide necessary operational training by Bidder.
Warrenty: 1 (One) Year



Country of Origin China